Intensive Treatments

Do you have a child with great fragility?

Do you live in an area or region where there is no possibility of applying the Feuerstein cognitive empowerment method?

Would you like to have a multidisciplinary team at your service to support you?

Do you want to learn together with the team how to apply the Feuerstein methodology in everyday life?


The Imparole Cooperative, like the Feuerstein Institute in Jerusalem, offers you 4 weeks of intensive rehabilitation, built specifically for your child.

The main goal we set ourselves is to discover a new potential that can help him overcome his difficulties: Strengthening the learning potential helps to improve everyone’s thinking processes, regardless of the individual operating level.

Our nourished team is made up of: pedagogists, child neuropsychiatrists, speech therapists, practitioners, applicators, psychologists and neuropsychomotor therapists and is based on the teachings of the Feuerstein Method (which supports us) and numerous other methods that complement and adapt to the specific skills and needs of young people.

Intensive therapies are indicated mainly for children and young people with severe learning disorders, Down’s syndrome or other genetic diseases, autistic and communication spectrum disorders, developmental, behavioural or cognitive disorders.

The meetings are individual or small group meetings and are spread over 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) and every day there are 4 hours of therapies alternating between different professionals and specialists of our team. In addition, there are two afternoons in the pool and a laboratory on site with clay or dramatization work, to continue the cognitive and mediation work with you families!

The methodology used in our program, which takes shape from the Feuerstein Method, gives a central role to parents and figures who assist and follow the child/young adult in daily life. For this reason it is important that you parents, educators and therapists who support you, can draw as many lessons as possible from this experience, in order to increase your skills as mediators through your presence during assessment and treatment meetings in Learn. In this way, in fact, you can better understand how to use the tools and strategies acquired and work autonomously with your child during the rest of the day and later when you are at home.


It is possible to spend 4 weeks in June or 3 weeks in July depending on family needs.

We will be able to welcome 7 families in each of the two periods.

Intensive treatment can also be planned during the school year.



In the morning:

  • Parents’ groups (to deepen the methods, to learn how to manage activities at home, to discuss therapies). In this way, parents experience their own learning challenges, learn what mediation is, understand what therapy tools are and learn to make bridges for learning mediation in real life.
  • Ratings the first and last week
  • Ad hoc individual therapies
  • Small group therapies


In the afternoon:

  • Common lunch 3 times a week
  • twice a week pool activities
  • once a week creative workshop



  • To discover new potential
  • Have a full immersion of mediation, intensive and varied
  • Have the ability to work in different ways on different mediations: at the table, in the gym, playing by the pool
  • Have enough time to share
  • Follow an ad hoc programme
  • Possibility of concentrating the route and building it together with families


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