Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD)

With the WISC we establish the IQ, with LPAD we look for the subject’s propensity to modify itself.

The Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) is a dynamic assessment approach, which aims to detect the individual’s modifiability and learning potential in order to identify useful operational indications for therapeutic intervention.

This approach allows to have a frame of reference on how a person learns, thinks, what are the strengths and weaknesses of his cognitive functioning and what are the possibilities of developing his learning potential.

Unlike static tests, LPAD places greater emphasis on process (as a task is solved) and microchanges rather than outcome (the thing), considering, in addition to strictly cognitive aspects, also emotional and motivational factors, which intervene in learning.

The examiner actively intervenes in the report, structuring modalities and conditions that make it possible to increase cognitive efficiency.

Dynamic assessment of learning potential is seen by field professionals and researchers as a promising diagnostic procedure, revealing important aspects of an individual’s functioning that cannot be highlighted through standard evaluation procedures.

The training of our professionals allows us to make a DYNAMICAL ASSESSMENT, for which we use not only the instruments of Prof. Feuerstein, but also the Tzuriel and Waldon approach. More tools allow us to better understand the learning potential, regardless of age and difficulty. Last but not least, our team has been working for years under the supervision of Prof. Jo Lebeer, an expert in Dynamic Evaluation and with a lot of experience with children of different nationalities.


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