Logopedical rehabilitation for atypical swallowing

What does the speech therapist learn in rehabilitation do?

Atypical swallowing (or diverted swallowing) is a swallowing disorder characterized by the permanence of linguistic movements not functional to adult swallowing.

It is in fact appropriate to know that the way we swallow, as well as most of the functions and characteristics of each one of us, evolves through various stages in the course of our lives and the swallowing mechanisms in the various stages are very different, so the maintenance of an infant swallowing pattern can lead to alterations in the facial district that can lead to possible changes in the articulation, malocclusion, oral respiration and post imbalance.

One of the best known and used approaches to rehabilitate atypical swallowing is speech therapy, through myopedical therapy according to Garliner.
This treatment involves the use of progressively more complex exercises of educational-educating oral functions, with the aim of destructuring the incorrect motor pattern of the language to set up and then automate the correct swallowing mechanism.


What materials do you used in therapy?

The approach of choice at our centre is the one suggested by the MioFunctional Therapy according to Garliner. Therefore, specific materials such as orthodontic elastics, low-language and pesini are used, suggesting exercises with increasing difficulty with swallowing food of different textures (liquid, semi-solid, solid). Personalized sheets with exercises for the week will also be provided.


How many times a week is speech therapy necessary?

The frequency is usually one-weekly during the treatment period, with monthly and then six-monthly checks in order to verify the maintenance and generalisation of the progress achieved.


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