Neuro-psychomotor assessment

You can find out more about a person in one hour of play than in conversation year.– Plato

Neuro-psychomotor assessment takes place within a homely and pressure-free environment, through a non-directional approach, which facilitates the free expression of the child’s need and its most significant characteristics. The assessment uses all modes: relational, communicative, expressive, emotional, motivational, to observe the child in relation to situations, objects, space, time and other.

The assessment shall be carried out in this way:

  • A neuro-psychomotor balance in a playful context and the administration of standardised tests such as for example: APCM-2, VMI visual-motor development and integration testing, TPV perception tests and visual-motor integration, BHK scala sintetica per la valutazione della scrittura ecc.
  • Development of objectives in relation to the individual ways in which the child interacts and learns
  • Sharing with the rest of the team


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