Neuropsychological assessment

An accurate neuropsychological assessment is useful to describe the difficulties, framing them within a more general diagnostic category and thus tracing the individual profile, with strengths and weaknesses.

The evaluation is intended for children and young people with developmental difficulties, learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

Neuropsychological functions such as:

  • cognitive skills
  • memory
  • concentration
  • executive tasks
  • speech
  • scholastic learning
  • practices

The evaluation shall be carried out by means of calibrated and standardised tests and, if necessary, structured questionnaires. The tests administered are used nationally, in compliance with national and international guidelines and are calibrated according to age and level of education.

The specific assessment protocol (used tests) is decided on the basis of the problems reported by parents and the child neuropsychiatrist, who carried out the first visit.

The performance of the child/young adult in standardised tests is compared with the normative data (quantitative analysis) and studied to describe specifically the functioning of the child/young adult (qualitative analysis).

After analysis of the tests and comparison with the multidisciplinary team, the neuropsychological report or school certification is drawn up and indications are given for the rehabilitation project.


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