Our history

In 2004, Imparole was born from the idea of a educational therapist, Raffaella Rosas, who, following in the footsteps of the Feuerstein method, invented and created a team at the disposal of the family’s needs.

The educational therapist is the central figure of the system: he guarantees the network of relationships between diagnostic and rehabilitation intervention, family and school, keeping them in balance in a pedagogical project.
The model of Imparole is based on a “triangle” system: Imparole – family – school.
The work of the multi-professional team and the collaboration with the family and the school are the basis of the Statute of Imparole which, at the behest of Raffaella and two other founding members was born as a Social Cooperative, Center for Childhood and Family.

Mediation pedagogy and modifying environment at the base

Much of our work is based on the Feuerstein method and the pedagogy of mediation.
The core of the educational relationship is the subject-mediator-compact system and not the individual subject.
The therapy room is not enough: the pedagogical project involves all the actors involved at various levels.
The main aim is to create a modifying environment, i. e. a physical situation, but also social and relational.

Accepting, supporting and developing change: these are the fundamental functions of a changing environment.

A modified environment is defined by precise characteristics:
It is without prejudice and stereotypes, it is able to guarantee equal opportunities for all to have access to life and to realize its potential.
It must know how to create the “conditions of positive tension towards the new”: a modifying environment does not create protected situations, but creates the conditions to give birth to the person the need to try, to experiment with new situations, to increase the needs (cognitive and affective), which can constitute a good motivational basis for change.
It creates the conditions to make the subject active and participate in his or her own change: he or she proposes situations of confrontation with new ad hoc tasks, which can guarantee the experience of success, in order to gradually build the competence.
In a modifying environment there is always the experience of mediation, which allows to stimulate and stimulate the learning potential that each subject presents.

Some numbers today

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