Speech Therapy assessment

The whole world is based on the tip of our language.– (Proverb)

The speech therapy evaluation is carried out on the basis of problems reported by parents and on the indication of the neuropsychiatrist, who carried out the first examination.

Before starting a speech therapy, it is essential to carry out a targeted and in-depth assessment in order to know and analyse the problem that the child presents in all its aspects.

All aspects that determine the language skills of the child are then assessed:

  • articulatory skills (phonetic inventory, articulatory skills)
  • verbal understanding (lexical-semantic and morpho-synthetic plan)
  • verbal production (piano lexical and morphosynthetic, narrative ability)
  • Metaphonological ability (pre-requirements to read-writing)

Assessment is carried out by means of calibrated and standardised tests and observation of the child’s spontaneous interview. Tests administered are used nationally, in accordance with national and international guidelines and are calibrated according to age.

The specific assessment protocol (used tests) is decided on the basis of the problems reported by parents, which arose during the neuropsychiatric examination and were observed during the speech therapy assessment.

Following the assessment it is possible to draw up the communicative-linguistic profile of the child, on the basis of which to draw up, in agreement with the multidisciplinary team, an individualized rehabilitation project.


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