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Why to mediate? Because children are our future– Reuven Feuerstein


The Feuerstein Method is a method that aims to develop the learning potential and strengthen individual cognitive skills. It is applied in different areas: from severe mental retardation, to learning disorders and training in companies. This wide applicability depends on the fact that the core of the method is the acquisition of skills and strategies, which make the individual flexible in dealing with situations that arise in different life contexts.

The Method has been developed by Prof. Feuerstein and is based on some fundamental concepts:

  • The theory of Cognitive Structural Cognitive Changeability: if intelligence is a formable entity, activity is susceptible to modification and evolution at all ages and in all stages of its development. By structural change Feuerstein means “a stable change in time and cognitive structure”.
  • The concept of Mediated Learning Experience: the mediator helps “learn how to learn”. The interaction is not simply educational, but contains particular structural characteristics that lead the child to acquire processes of thought and not only products: “fishing and not eating fish is taught”. The objective is to replace random learning episodes with systematic and structured elements. The first changes, resulting from mediation, can be found in a greater awareness of the child, an increased sense of competence and greater autonomy. We develop mediation with natural mediation “Reuven Feuerstein

The Feuerstein method is divided into three application systems:

  • LPAD (dynamic assessment): dynamically assesses the individual’s ability to change
  • the P. A. S. P. Instrumental Enrichment Program: Reinforces and consolidates skills. The program develops through the systematic exercise of cognitive functions that are the basis of a correct mental operation. The instruments are graduated and, within them, the various boards are sorted according to increasing difficulty. Each instrument is targeted at a specific set of objectives, but takes over some of the objectives already present in previous instruments. In this way, the repetition of principles and operations is accustomed to applying appropriate thinking methods to deal with new situations. The instruments offer paper-paper-paper-pencil exercises. There is the Standard and Basic versions.
  • Modifying Environment that allows you to apply your skills as comprehensively as possible.


We like the Feuerstein method and we have chosen it as the basis of our training, because we have chosen it:

  • we believe in the modifiability of the children and young people with whom we work, but above all we like to think that we too are modifiable!
  • we like to think that we must be creative and roll up our sleeves to mediate, with a smile, until we have achieved our goal with the child and family
  • we like it because it has re-evaluated the role of parents as the first educators
  • we like to help parents express their “need” and support them in realizing it, just as Feuerstein did
  • we like to support the “motivation” of the family


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